Bernanke sworn in to Federal Reserve Board

Princeton economics professor Ben Bernanke took the oath of office as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Monday, Aug. 5.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan administered the oath to Bernanke and Donald L. Kohn, who was nominated to fill a vacant seat last held by Laurence H. Meyer, whose term expired January 31, 2002.

Bernanke was nominated to fill the seat vacated by the resignation of Edward W. Kelley Jr. on December 31, 2001. The term expires January 31, 2004.

President George W. Bush announced his intention to nominate Bernanke and Kohn on May 8. The Senate confirmed the appointments July 31.

Bernanke is the Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder Beck Professor as well as a Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School and chair of the Department of Economics .

A macroeconomist with interests in monetary policy and macroeconomic history, he is the director of the Program in Monetary Economics of the National Bureau of Economic Research and a member of the bureau's Business Cycle Dating Committee. He also serves as editor of the American Economic Review.

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