University donates land for open space in South Brunswick

Nov. 1, 2004 11:19 a.m.

In an effort that eventually could preserve 214 acres of land from development, Princeton University has turned over the deed for the first 10 acres of property it owned in South Brunswick Township.

The University has pledged to convey a total of 134 acres that will become part of a tract known as "Mapleton Preserve at South Brunswick." It will serve as an open space buffer for both the Delaware and Raritan Canal and the village of Kingston.

The land is part of property the University purchased 18 years ago from Princeton Nurseries. A total of 194 acres are expected to be preserved as open space. This figure includes the Princeton property as well as about 60 acres the state's Green Acres program is negotiating to acquire from Princeton Nurseries. The tract also will include 20 acres that house historic nursery structures that are being preserved, for a total of 214 acres.

In addition to the land, the University has committed $100,000 in cash to the implementation of the preservation plan. The property is intended to be used as an interpretive outdoor educational, horticultural and historic preservation center and greenway.

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