Video feature: 'Conversation With...' Professor Edward Felten

Jan. 27, 2011 noon
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Edward Felten, a Princeton professor of computer science and public affairs, is the second featured host of Princeton's interactive "Conversation With…" video series. In the first installment, he describes how "Princeton really encourages people to follow their intellectual interests."

Video stills by Evelyn Tu

In a video posted Jan. 26, Edward Felten, a Princeton professor of computer science and public affairs, took part in the second edition of the University's interactive "Conversation With…" series on Facebook. In the first part of this two-part conversation, Felten answers questions and discusses a variety of topics, including how Princeton students can combine academic interests.

"A big part of what Princeton is about is drawing those connections across traditional disciplines," Felten said in the first video. He also described his interest in the many ways computer science and society intersect, particularly regarding the research he and his students have done on the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines.

In Felten's second video, which will be posted on Princeton's Facebook page next month, he will answer questions posted there during the past month. The topics range from the government's role in policing cyber bullying to some of the policy and ethical questions raised by the website Wikileaks having exposed the names of individual informants in some of the government documents that the site released.

Felten, who started his post as the Federal Trade Commission's first chief technologist this month, is the second featured host for Princeton's "Conversation With..." video series. The series gives the broader community an opportunity to engage with University leaders, faculty, students and alumni on a wide range of topics. The first installment, which appeared in the fall of 2010, featured Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye.