Social media users have 'Conversation With…' Graduate School Associate Dean Jackson-Weaver

Sept. 8, 2011 1:15 p.m.
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Video stills by Evelyn Tu

Answering questions submitted from around the world via Facebook and Twitter, Karen Jackson-Weaver, associate dean for academic affairs and diversity at Princeton University's Graduate School, recently served as the fourth host of the ongoing "Conversation With…" series.

Jackson-Weaver fielded questions about the varied programs at the Graduate School, how long Princeton's advanced degree programs take, financial assistance, joining the campus community, and more.

One Twitter user asked about the Graduate School's financial aid programs. Jackson-Weaver pointed out that all doctoral students and some master's degree students have their studies fully funded through the Graduate School.

"This is actually one of my favorite questions to respond to, because it really gets at the heart of the University's commitment to its graduate students," she said.

The "Conversation With…" series, which began in 2010 with an episode hosted by undergraduate admission dean Janet Rapelye, is a multi-part video series in which users are asked to post questions on Facebook and through Twitter. Questions for Jackson-Weaver came from as far away as Colombia.

Future "Conversation With…" episodes will feature other senior administrators, faculty and staff. Participants can ask questions, or simply watch. Anyone on Facebook can participate, and interested individuals can follow the conversation by becoming a fan of Princeton University's Facebook page or following Princeton on Twitter. Princeton currently has more than 51,500 Facebook fans and 15,000 Twitter followers.

The video series and the Facebook site are managed by the Office of Communications.