Princeton's Annual Giving campaign raises $50 million

Princeton University's 2010-11 Annual Giving campaign raised $50,010,045 -- the second highest total in Annual Giving history -- with 61.3 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. The results are notable for their strength and breadth across all of Princeton's constituencies: undergraduate alumni, graduate alumni, parents and friends.

"This year's Annual Giving results are truly remarkable and provide important momentum as we enter the final year of the Aspire campaign," said President Shirley M. Tilghman. "These unrestricted funds are critical to sustaining and expanding Princeton's commitment to world-class teaching and research, while also helping us to meet the full financial needs of our students. I am deeply grateful to all the volunteers whose dedication made this splendid outcome possible and to our alumni, parents and friends for their loyalty and generosity."

Undergraduate alumni participation in Annual Giving surpassed 61 percent for the first time since 1969, drawing the largest number of alumni donors ever: 36,022. In addition, the 2010-11 campaign brought in a record number of gifts from all constituencies: 43,538.

Leading the classes in the amount raised was the class of 1986, which contributed $9,001,986 -- the highest total ever for a 25th Reunion, as well as an all-time record for any class. In addition, the class achieved a participation rate of 77.1 percent. Three other major Reunion classes set new records: the class of 1976, which broke the 35th Reunion record with $4,061,976; the class of 1941, which raised $500,041 in celebration of its 70th Reunion; and the 75th Reunion class of 1936, which contributed $329,005 and reached 100 percent participation from its 16 members.

The 55th Reunion class of 1956 finished with $1,560,852, the second highest total for a 55th Reunion class. Seven other major Reunion classes raised more than $1 million: 1981 with $3,514,367; 1961 with $1,859,722; 1991 with $1,611,991; 1966 with $1,194,023; 1996 with $1,087,296; 1971 with $1,071,697 and; 1951 with $1,010,447.

Princeton parents contributed a record-setting $2,842,556. For the seventh consecutive year, graduate alumni raised more than $1 million, with $1,461,729.

The class of 1958 raised the highest total among non-major Reunion classes for the third year in a row, with $816,704; six other non-major Reunion classes set new records for their reunions.

This year's record participation was led by the class of 1936, which posted 100 percent. That was closely followed by the class of 1951, which reached 83.4 percent; and the class of 2010, which achieved a record-breaking 83.3 percent in its first alumni year, and posted the highest participation rate ever among the youngest 24 classes. The class received contributions from 1,016 of its members, the first time any class has reached the 1,000 mark. Thirteen other classes recorded participation of 70 percent or higher.

As a group, the youngest five classes, including the class of 2010, averaged 73.1 percent participation, and the youngest 10 classes averaged 69.8 percent participation. The class of 2011 achieved a pledge rate of 94.2 percent, with 1,139 of its members pledging to support Annual Giving for the next four years.

"I am grateful to our extraordinary volunteer team members who give their time and energy so generously in order to bring about each year's results," said Annual Giving Chair R. Kelly Doherty, a member of the class of 1981. "The fact that 61.3 percent of undergraduate alumni contributed to this year's effort speaks volumes not only to the incredible hard work our volunteers put into this campaign, but also to the dedication of the entire Princeton family, who puts such a high priority on supporting the University's pursuit of excellence."

All gifts to Annual Giving are part of the University's five-year, $1.75 billion comprehensive fundraising campaign, Aspire: A Plan for Princeton.