Annual Giving campaign raises record-breaking $54.1 million

The 2007-08 Annual Giving campaign raised $54,109,304, with 59.2 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. This historic achievement -- Princeton's first-ever Annual Giving campaign in excess of $50 million, and $5 million more than last year's previous record -- represents strong performances across Princeton's broad range of constituencies, including major Reunion classes, non-major Reunion classes, graduate alumni and parents.

"I am delighted with this year's remarkable Annual Giving results, which are especially important as we begin our Aspire campaign," said President Shirley M. Tilghman. "These unrestricted funds are critical to sustaining and expanding Princeton's excellence in teaching and research, while upholding our commitment to a comprehensive financial aid program that makes it possible for students of every economic background to attend Princeton. I am truly grateful to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication, and to our alumni, parents and friends for their loyal and generous support of Princeton."

Leading the classes in dollar amount raised was the class of 1983, which raised $8,300,000 -- the highest total ever for a 25th Reunion class as well as an all-time record for any class. In addition, the class of 1983 achieved a participation rate of 74.1 percent. Three other major Reunions classes set new records: the class of 1958, which broke the 50th Reunion record with $7,138,058 in contributions and 77.6 percent in participation; the class of 1963, which raised $5,063,063 and achieved 82.5 percent participation to celebrate its 45th Reunion; and the 20th Reunion class of 1988, which contributed $2,268,888 and reached 64.5 percent participation.

The 30th Reunion class of 1978 finished with $3,001,978, which is the third highest total for a 30th Reunion class. Three other major Reunion classes raised more than $1 million: 1953 with $1,261,687; 1968 with $1,700,068; and 1973 with $1,883,881.

Graduate alumni and the Parents Fund both set new records for giving this year. Graduate alumni contributed $1,751,516 -- their sixth consecutive high, and the 12th record in the past 13 years. Princeton parents gave $2,619,765, which was an increase of 38 percent.

The class of 1979 contributed $601,144, the highest total among non-major Reunion classes. In addition to the class of 1979, nine other non-major Reunion classes also set records.

Annual Giving 2007-08 drew the largest number of undergraduate alumni donors ever with 33,658, culminating with a record surge of 1,723 gifts on the campaign's final day, June 30. The 70th Reunion class of 1938 achieved the highest participation rate for any class, reaching 84.7 percent.

Four alumni recorded their 68th consecutive year of participation, having made a gift in the first year of Annual Giving, 1940-41, and every year since then.

Among the younger classes, the highest participation was attained by the class of 2003, reaching a record-breaking 77.1 percent in celebration of its 5th Reunion. As a group, the youngest five classes averaged 70.3 percent participation. The class of 2007 set a record for participation for a first alumni year with 75 percent. The class received contributions from 901 of its members, the first time any class has reached the 900 mark.

"The success of Annual Giving is a direct result of the dedication, efforts and energy of our volunteers," said Annual Giving Chair Rajiv Vinnakota '93 of Washington, D.C. "It is also one of the clearest messages of support for the University's past, present, and future. "From the Great class of 1924 to the youngest alumni, from graduate alumni to Princeton parents, there are thousands of Princetonians whose interest and loyalty bring about these extraordinary results."

All gifts to Annual Giving are part of the University's five-year, $1.75 billion fundraising campaign, Aspire: A Plan for Princeton. The campaign was launched Nov. 9, 2007, and is scheduled to conclude June 30, 2012.