Annual Giving campaign raises $49 million

Total is the highest in Princeton's history

The 2006-07 Annual Giving campaign raised $49,040,759 -- the highest total in Princeton's history -- with 58.5 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. This achievement represents strong performances across Princeton's broad range of constituencies, including major Reunion classes, non-major Reunion classes, graduate alumni and parents.

This year's results represent a 21 percent increase from the 2005-06 Annual Giving total of $40,408,142.

"This year's Annual Giving results are truly extraordinary," said President Shirley M. Tilghman. "These unrestricted funds help sustain Princeton's renowned academic programs while upholding our commitment to a comprehensive financial aid program. I am deeply grateful to all the volunteers whose hard work made this splendid accomplishment possible, and to alumni, parents and friends for their loyal and generous support of Princeton."

Leading the classes in dollar amount raised was the class of 1982, which raised $7,813,382 in celebration of its 25th Reunion, the highest total for a 25th Reunion class as well as a record for any class. In addition, the class of 1982 posted a participation rate of 71.5 percent. Four other major Reunion classes set new records: the class of 1942, which broke the 65th Reunion mark with $1,149,518 in contributions; the class of 1952, which raised $2,250,181 to celebrate its 55th Reunion; the class of 1987, which became the first 20th Reunion class to top $2 million with $2,001,987; and the 5th Reunion class of 2002, which raised $294,054.

The 50th Reunion class of 1957 finished with $5,005,757, the second highest total for a 50th Reunion class, with 80.3 percent participation. Five other major Reunion classes raised more than $1 million: 1967 with $3,514,441 (the second highest total for a 40th Reunion); 1972 with $3,290,052; 1977 with $2,295,436; 1962 with $1,568,133; and 1992 with $1,103,692.  

Graduate alumni also set a record for giving this year, their fifth consecutive high and the 11th record in the last 12 years. Their record of $1,481,416 is 23 percent above last year's total. Princeton parents gave $1,899,322.

The class of 1976 contributed $727,326, the highest total among non-major Reunion classes. The class of 1976 and 10 other non-major Reunion classes set records for their reunions.

The Annual Giving campaign drew the largest number of undergraduate alumni donors ever, with 32,872 making gifts. The classes of 1925, 1928 and 1929 all reached 100 percent participation from their total of six surviving members.

Among the youngest classes, the highest participation was attained by the class of 2002, reaching 75.9 percent, breaking a record that has stood for more than 50 years. The youngest five classes averaged 69.4 percent.

"I have been continually impressed by the cadre of volunteers who give their time and energy so generously in order to bring about each year's results," said Annual Giving Chair Frederick G. Strobel '74 of Nashville, Tenn., who is completing his term as the volunteer leader of Princeton's yearly efforts. "For the past three years, it has been inspiring to serve alongside so many devoted Princetonians who share the common goal of maintaining the University's excellence."