Annual Giving campaign raises record $40.4 million

The 2005-06 Annual Giving campaign raised $40,408,142-- the highest total in Princeton's history -- with 58.2 percent of undergraduate alumni participating. This achievement -- $3.4 million more than the previous best last year -- represents strong performances across Princeton's broad range of constituencies, including major Reunion classes, non-major Reunion classes, graduate alumni and parents.

"I am delighted with this year's extraordinary results in Annual Giving," said President Shirley M. Tilghman. "These unrestricted funds are vital to sustaining Princeton's renowned academic programs and groundbreaking research, while upholding our commitment to a comprehensive financial aid program. My deepest thanks go out to the volunteers for their hard work, and to alumni, parents, and friends for their loyal and ever-generous support of Princeton."

Leading the classes in dollar amount raised was the class of 1981, which raised $5,449,081 in celebration of its 25th Reunion, the second highest total for a 25th Reunion class. Four major Reunion classes set new records: the class of 1976, which broke the 30th Reunion mark with $4,312,026 in contributions; the class of 1986, which raised $1,926,486 to celebrate its 20th Reunion; the class of 1941, which became the first 65th Reunion to top $1 million with $1,022,780; and the 70th Reunion class of 1936, which raised $255,410.  

The 50th Reunion class of 1956 finished with $4,063,935, the second highest total for a 50th Reunion class, with 81.6 percent participation. Two other classes raised more than $1.0 million: 1966 with $2,000,066 and 1971 with $1,071,986.     

Graduate alumni and the Parents Fund both set new records for giving this year. Graduate alumni contributed $1,209,628, exceeding last year's total by 19 percent, and Princeton parents gave $2,006,926, an increase of 6 percent.  

The class of 1958 contributed $845,240, the highest total ever among non-major classes and a 41 percent increase over the previous best for a non-major class. The class of 1958 and 14 other non-major classes set new records for their reunions.

The Annual Giving campaign, which drew the largest number of undergraduate alumni donors ever with 32,302 givers, ended with a record surge of gifts, including more than 1,000 on the campaign's final day, June 30.  

The class of 1928 posted the highest participation, reaching 100 percent from its four members -- just days after class agent Hyde Gillette celebrated his 100th birthday.

Among the youngest classes, the highest participation was attained by the class of 2004, reaching 71 percent, with the youngest five classes averaging 66.7 percent.  

"The commitment, effort and energy of the University's volunteers are instrumental in each year's outcome," said Annual Giving Chair Frederick G. Strobel '74 of Nashville, Tenn. "From the Old Guard to the youngest alumni, from graduate alumni to Princeton parents, there are thousands of Princetonians whose interest and dedication bring about these tremendous results."