Early morning at Princeton

Dec. 21, 2012 noon
Early Morning index

A collection of photos of Princeton University in the early morning hours shows the campus before work and play fill the indoor and outdoor spaces. Above, the morning sun paints spots of light along the side of Firestone Library, with William Street in the distance.

Photo by Steve McDonald

As the sun rises over Princeton, the campus slowly comes alive. On Lake Carnegie, eight women hoist a shell, walk to the dock's edge and gently roll it into the water. … A landscaper is tending the garden behind Prospect House and from above you can begin to discern the outline of the Princeton shield among the plants. Something will mark this day. A friendship formed. A goal surpassed. An epiphany. And as the day unfolds, you think, "This is where I belong."
—"Admission Viewbook," 2012-13

Inspired by Princeton University's 2012-13 "Admission Viewbook," this collection of photos reflects the quiet calm across campus as faculty, staff and students prepare for the promise of each day.

Early Morning bench

A courtyard bench casts shadows near the University Chapel. (Photo by Steve McDonald)


Early Morning lake

Waterfowl gracefully swim under the Washington Road bridge. (Photo by Steve McDonald)


Early Morning Icahn

An early morning fog settles on Pardee Field outside the Icahn Laboratory. (Photo by Steve McDonald)


Early Morning lake

The sun begins to rise over Lake Carnegie. (Photo by Morgan Kelly)


Early Morning McCosh

The sun rises over the trees in McCosh Courtyard. (Photo by Steve McDonald)


Early Morning chapel

Warm light fills the University Chapel one early morning. (Photo by Steve McDonald)


Early Morning crew

Crew members row on Lake Carnegie in the morning light. (Photo by Denise Applewhite)