Video feature: Architecture and independent work

May 2, 2013 noon
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The School of Architecture requires undergraduate majors to take design studio courses in their junior year to meet the independent research requirement. In one studio, students, including Alejandro Arroyo Yamin, above, are studying and designing pavilions.

Video stills courtesy of Danielle Alio

A central feature of Princeton University's undergraduate education is the independent research requirement for juniors and seniors. In the School of Architecture, juniors take a design studio course each semester to meet the requirement.

This video offers a glimpse into the spring semester junior independent work of students who are studying pavilions in the history of architecture with Visiting Lecturer in Architecture Hayley Eber.

Working in pairs, the students selected a pavilion to analyze in terms of structure, material, tectonics and relationship to the environment and the ground. They chose from pavilions that have been a part of an annual project by the Serpentine Gallery in London in which an architect who has never built in England before is invited to design a pavilion for the summer.

This project served as the class's semester midterm. During the second part of the semester, students are designing their own pavilion.