Video feature: 'Friendship at Princeton'

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Princeton University students form lifelong friendships during their time on campus. Alumni maintain those bonds long past Commencement.

Photo by Denise Applewhite

From the moment Princeton University students arrive on campus to when they graduate, there are numerous opportunities to make new friends and hang out. By the time students graduate, they have made lifelong friendships.

In this video, scenes of friendship at Princeton abound from the playing field to the dorm room. Academic study and extracurricular clubs allow students to form attachments based on shared interests and activities.

Unexpected friendships are formed when students of differing backgrounds are brought together through University activities and their residential colleges. During Outdoor Action, Princeton's oldest and largest pre-orientation program, freshmen find out how quickly people become friends when they spend six days together on wilderness adventures intended to build teamwork and leadership skills. Campuswide events, such as the Orange and Black Ball, offer informal opportunities to relax and have fun with students of all class years and interests.