Video feature: Undergraduates expand horizons with Spanish and Portuguese studies

March 3, 2014 noon
Spanish + Portuguese index

Video stills courtesy of Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

In today's highly connected world, people can often find themselves around those who are not like them, and being knowledgeable about other languages and cultures is essential. Princeton University gives undergraduates many chances to learn about different countries and communities through the interdisciplinary approach of a liberal arts education. 

In this video, faculty, students and an alumnus of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures discuss how the department teaches another language (or two) while expanding students' view of the world. Undergraduates can major in the department or earn certificates in language and culture; the department also has a vibrant doctoral program.

Classes offer insights into art, literature, history, politics, economics and more, and by studying abroad students can experience living in a culture different from their own. The well-rounded education prepares them for whatever lies ahead.