Princeton celebrates international partnership with 'University of Tokyo Day'

The presidents and other top officials from the University of Tokyo and Princeton University celebrated and deepened their research and teaching partnership in discussions on the Princeton campus Thursday, Oct. 23.

At the start of a "University of Tokyo Day" program in an elegant wood-paneled room in Jones Hall, Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber welcomed the Japanese delegation led by President Junichi Hamada.

Tokyo Panel

As Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber listens, University of Tokyo President Junichi Hamada speaks at a “University of Tokyo Day” program Thursday, Oct. 23, celebrating the strategic partnership between the universities. (Photos by Denise Applewhite)

"The strategic partnership that Princeton established with the University of Tokyo last year is a major step in our effort to provide our faculty and students with opportunities to engage in meaningful collaborations with scholars from leading institutions around the world," Eisgruber said. 

"Our partnership with the University of Tokyo is incredibly deep with many distinguished scholars engaged in a fascinating array of subjects," Eisgruber said, noting that the universities began collaborating on astrophysics research in the early 1980s.

The agreement between the universities facilitates exchanges between professors and students within and across disciplines. Princeton also has strategic partnerships with the University of São Paulo in Brazil and Humboldt University in Berlin.

Tokyo Gift

Eisgruber presents a gift to Hamada on Wednesday evening, Oct. 22, during a reception preceding a dinner at the president's residence to honor the visiting delegation from the University of Tokyo.

The partnership with Princeton "could not have occurred at a better time," Hamada said, as the University of Tokyo seeks to expand collaboration with other institutions in "a globally competitive world."

Hamada said the partnership with Princeton will create opportunities for more undergraduates to study abroad. "Our students must experience our world outside the campus" so they can be come open-minded, resilient leaders, he said.

Tokyo Group

Hamada is flanked by Eisgruber and Princeton Provost David Lee (right) and other representatives of Princeton and the University of Tokyo before a dinner at Lowrie House on Wednesday evening, Oct. 22.

Also speaking Thursday were Princeton Provost David Lee, University of Tokyo Executive Vice President Masako Egawa and several faculty members from both universities. The previous evening, the delegations exchanged gifts before a dinner Eisgruber hosted at the president's residence, Lowrie House.

On Thursday, Eisgruber and Hamada each expressed gratitude for the partnership and said they looked forward to seeing it grow and flourish.

"President Hamada, I commend you for your visionary leadership of a truly world-class institution, and I thank you and your colleagues for joining us to celebrate the marvelous partnership between Princeton University and the University of Tokyo," Eisgruber said.