Employee retirements: September 2015

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements.

Effective Aug. 1: in the residential colleges, college administrator Alison Cook, after 33 years; in Campus Dining, residential food service worker Willodean Holman, after 20 years.

Effective Sept. 1: in procurement services, assistant director AP Brenda Jenkins, after 33 years.

Effective Oct. 1: in the library, librarian Elizabeth Bennett, after 17 years; in the library, special collections assistant Jiefang Jennie Chen, after 23 years; in the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), engineering associate John Edwards, after 38 years; in PPPL, senior shipping/export/control coordinator Jerry Siminoff, after 35 years; in Campus Dining, cook Roosevelt Stephenson, after 12 years; in PPPL, associate director of engineering/infrastructure Michael Williams, after 39 years.

Effective Nov. 1: in the library, librarian Emily Belcher, after 30 years.