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Employee retirements: August 2021

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements.

Effective June 26: in the plumbing shop, plumber Michael Cook, after 13 years.

Effective July 1: in Building Services, lead custodian Natasha Bowman, after 31 years; in Judaic Studies, program manager Baru Saul, after 20 years; in Campus Dining, chef de cuisine Alexander Trimble, after 26 years.

Effective July 10: in Electrical and Computer Engineering, assistant graduate program coordinator Roelie Abdi, after 17 years; in Mail Services, mail carrier Thomas Parker, after 41 years; in Campus Dining, director of residential dining Sue Wilusz Pierson, after 33 years.

Effective July 17: in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, undergraduate administrator Jo Ann Kropilak-Love, after 27 years; in Software and Application Services, senior database administrator Audrey Lorraine Wright, after 38 years.

Effective August 1: in Religion, graduate administrator Patricia Bogdziewicz, after 23 years; in the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) Engineering and Infrastructure, senior tech Leonard Nils Halvorsen, after 43 years; in Economics, senior manager, finance and administration Barbara Ann Radvany, after 36 years; in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, director, undergraduate program administration Monica Ruscil, after 28 years; in the University Library-Information Technology, senior bibliographic specialist Gail Smith, after 47 years.

Effective August 2: in Public Safety, security officer Donald Andrew Thompson, after 37 years.

Effective August 9: in Human Resources, events coordinator Susan Kovach, after 22 years.

Effective August 16: in the Frick Lab, Special Facilities, senior maintenance mechanic Ralph Searfoss, after 14 years.

Effective August 21: in Electrical and Computer Engineering, graduate program administrator Colleen Conrad, after 14 years.

Effective August 26: in Software and Application Services, lead application developer James Chu, after 40 years.

Effective September 1: in Chemistry, facilities and safety manager Alice Monachello, after 10 years; in the Office of the Princeton Alumni Weekly, art director Marianne Nelson, after 21 years.

Effective October 20: in the University Library-Finance and Administration, director of library finance and administration Jeff Rowlands, after 21 years.