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Employee retirements: September 2021

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements.

Effective July 30: in Community and Regional Affairs, associate director for community relations Erin Metro, after 15 years.

Effective August 20: in E-Quad, Special Facilities, senior maintenance technician Frederick David Pippen, after 28 years.

Effective August 28: in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, manager Sandra Moskovitz, after 21 years.

Effective September 1: in Architecture, manager, finance and administration Camn Castens, after 18 years; in Chemistry, administrative assistant Kuriakose Chacko, after 25 years; in the Princeton Writing Program, program manager Margie Duncan, after 27 years; in Treasury Services, executive administrative assistant Peggy Gallagher, after 29 years; in Hellenic Studies, center manager Carol Oberto, after 21 years.

Effective September 6: in the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) Environmental Health and Safety, lieutenant driver/operator Wesley Theodore Foraker, after 41 years.

Effective September 11: in Risk Management, director of risk management and assistant treasurer Megan Adams, after 18 years.

Effective September 30: in PPPL Engineering and Infrastructure, heating systems specialist Edward George Bush Jr., after 40 years.

Effective October 1: in Investment Services, associate director Gary Coombs, after 43 years; in History, business manager Debora Macy, after 21 years; in Controller, senior accountant, capital assets Pamela Muscente, after 26 years; in Investment Services, analyst Michael Andrew Wilson, after 35 years.

Effective October 4: in the Art Museum, manager, collections information Cathryn Goodwin, after 16 years.

Effective October 14: in Building Services, custodian Alfonzo Lewis, after 21 years.

Effective October 30: in Applied and Computational Math, program coordinator Tina Marie Dwyer, after 5 years.