A conversation on studying migration

Faculty members Sandra Bermann and Stephen Macedo discuss migration and Princeton's new interdisciplinary research community focused on the topic.

Coffee and conversation are essential components of the research process at Princeton.

In this video, Sandra Bermann, the Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and professor of comparative literature, and Stephen Macedo, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Politics and the University Center for Human Values, sit down over coffee to discuss one of society's most complex global issues — migration — and how an interdisciplinary group of Princeton University scholars are coming together over the next three years to better understand the nature of migration, how it is represented and the ways it shapes the world.

Bermann is the coordinator of the research community, "Migration: People and Cultures Across Borders," which includes 22 core faculty members from a range of disciplines and is supported by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. Events, courses (on campus and abroad) and other academic opportunities associated with the research community also involve undergraduate and graduate students in innovative ways.