Stairs lead to area behind Nassau Hall building

Trustees approve 20 faculty promotions

The Board of Trustees has approved the following faculty moves, all effective July 1, 2018 except where noted.


A. James Link, chemical and biological engineering; Gayle Salamon, English and gender and sexuality studies.

Associate Professor

Lucia Allais, architecture; Emmanuel Bourbouhakis, classics; Danelle Devenport, molecular biology; Karen Emmerich, comparative literature; Simone Giombi, physics; Javier Guerrero, Spanish and Portuguese; Brian Herrera, Lewis Center for the Arts; John Higgins, geosciences; Marcus Hultmark, mechanical and aerospace engineering; Ning Lin, civil and environmental engineering; Michael Mueller, mechanical and aerospace engineering; Arvind Narayanan, computer science; Alexander Ploss, molecular biology; Robert Pringle, ecology and evolutionary biology; Corina Tarnita, ecology and evolutionary biology; Hakan Tureci, electrical engineering, effective Feb. 1, 2018; Wendy Warren, history; Keren Yarhi-Milo, Woodrow Wilson School.