#TellUsTigers 2018: Tiny tales of Princetonians reflect big experiences

Aug. 6, 2018 noon

What does it look like to have more than 234,000 people worldwide read about you, simply by scrolling through their Instagram feed? More importantly, what does it feel like — to be heard, to be seen, to be cheered on by virtual strangers and, in turn, to inspire some of those strangers?

Now in its third year, Princeton's #TellUsTigers Instagram has been sharing stories of Princetonians — 2,200 characters at a time, once a week.

  • An undergraduate whose senior thesis will track her experience training a diabetic alert dog (this post broke our ceiling of 10,000 "likes" — who doesn't love a puppy?).
  • An alumnus who found lifesaving help from his classmates at his 25th Reunion.
  • A staff member who has been working on a novel for 10 years to capture the African American experience in the 1930s South.

These and other stories open up inner worlds and celebrate what it is to be human.

Below, we invite you to scroll with it — and enjoy a good story with these recent posts from Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni, told in the first person. Click on each photo to view comments. Follow us on Instagram, @princeton. The series is also shared on Twitter and Facebook. Members of the University community may submit suggestions for future #TellUsTigers posts via email at pusocialmedia@princeton.edu.