Municipality of Princeton and University collaborate to keep the public updated on Witherspoon Street progress

Banners and signs have been installed along Witherspoon Street across from FitzRandolph Gate in the first phase of the “Making Witherspoon” initiative, a collaboration of the Municipality of Princeton Engineering Department and several University offices to inform residents and visitors about the construction project underway between Nassau Street and Green Street.

Witherspoon Street and banner that reads, "Making Witherspoon Shoppable"

A "Making Witherspoon" banner, part of a campaign by the Municipality of Princeton and Princeton University to inform residents and visitors of the improvements underway along Witherspoon Street, hangs from a lamp post at Hinds Plaza. The view is toward campus from the Princeton Public Library.

The University's Office of Community and Regional Affairs, Office of Communications and the Facilities Organization are involved in the initiative, a complement to the “Pop Into Princeton” marketing effort of the Princeton Merchants Association.

"The 'Making Witherspoon' promotion is an important initiative to help inform the public about our Witherspoon Street project," said Councilwoman Michelle Pirone Lambros. "We are so grateful for the support from the University to make this project a reality.  We will soon have a transformed Witherspoon Street, which is the centerpiece of and gateway to our central business district. It is exciting to share the information with the community about the significance of this multi-million dollar project, and this promotion will help better inform residents, visitors and students about what is coming to our downtown very soon."

In the first phase of this project, Witherspoon Street between Nassau and Paul Robeson Place is being transformed to improve walkability and to create seamless and flexible outdoor public spaces for shopping, dining and gathering.  A second phase of the project will extend the project from Paul Robeson Place to Birch Avenue.

The Making Witherspoon initiative initially involves the installation of window posters, lamp pole banners between Nassau Street and Paul Robeson Place, and sandwich-board signs. Window signs will also be made available to merchants who wish to participate in the campaign.

As the construction proceeds, there are plans to install banners on the utility poles between Paul Robeson Place and Birch Avenue, pending approval by the relevant utility companies.

Earlier this summer the University donated to the town the planters and crepe myrtle trees that were placed along Witherspoon Street. These planters will remain for the duration of the construction, and staff from the municipality's Department of Public Works have been maintaining the trees through the dry summer months. 

More information about the Witherspoon Street Improvement Project is available on the Municipality of Princeton website.