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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Weapons of Mass Construction 2012

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Princeton student-athletes participate in a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and the YMCA of Trenton. Read more.

Video Closed Captions

HERB KLEIN: Today is one of the
most favorite things for

me to do and that is mobilizing
the caring power of

our community through

JACK BERGER: It's cool to be
out here at the YMCA, which

has been here since 1856.

It's been serving the community
for over 150 years

and so it's just cool to be part
of something that's been

around for so long and be able
to help perpetuate what

they've been doing for
people for so long.

SAMUEL FRISBY: When I started
here six months ago, there

were only 35 members in
this Y. And now we

have over 700 members.

We've been doing good
work, but part

of it is the facility.

JOE TULL: Personally, I did a
lot of service in high school

and it's much harder to do that
balancing an academic and

athletic schedule like there
is at Princeton.

And a lot of guys feel the same
way and Weapons of Mass

Construction is a great way to
be able to come out here and

give back to the community.

We laid some mulch down on the
playground to make it better.

We're also going to firm up a
fence that seems to be falling

over a little bit.

The kids can't play there
unless we raise

that up and fix it.

So we definitely want them to
have a place to go out there

and have fun.

SHIRLEY WANG: A preschool is run
through this YMCA and so

there about 60 kids that come
here every day and the new

paint really brightens it up.

And the new playground with new
mulch and the weeds that

are taken out looks
so much nicer.

It's great.

holes in the windows in the

classrooms and our job here is
basically to just fix it all

up for the community.

So we create a place for them
to come and be together.

We all joke about how it's like
a Princeton bubble, and

we're not really exposed to
what's going on around us, so

I think this is a great
opportunity to be aware and

help at the same time.

JACK BERGER: I think it's a nice
kind of bond that we have

with the other teams.

As athletes, we're all
in a similar

experience in this together.

So it's great to see them
because people are in season,

people are out of season, this
is a nice time that we can be out

with them and get to know some
different people that we might

not know as well.

AMANDA BIRD: It's nice to get
out here with other teams and

know that Princeton Varsity Club
does more than just play

our sports.

Just listening to the speeches
that they gave just before

really showed that they are
really appreciative of us

being here.

So it makes it a lot better for
us to know that it's going

toward something that's

JOE TULL: One of the biggest
facets of the University

athletic system is education
through athletics.

It's the first thing on all our
coaches' minds as we go

through practice and workouts
and everything.

But there's always different
kinds of education.

We're going to Princeton to
get a great education in

liberal arts and every
kind of field.

But there's also social
education that we rarely get a

chance to learn from.

And I think that's why
we're here today.

Is to kind of get the education
about the community,

about the social welfare of
people through athletics.

HERB KLEIN: I'd like to actually
give a special thanks

to the Princeton Varsity Club.

Through their commitment and
their involvement and their

willingness to help, we're able
to do activities like

this today.

Organizations like the Princeton
Varsity Club are why

we're able to complete many of
the volunteer projects that we

complete in Mercer County.


SAMUEL FRISBY: I didn't realize
how daunting it was

going to at least look.

It just looked like a sea
of orange and black.

It's like the cavalry is coming
and you know that

things are going to get done.

We were very excited and proud
to see these young people

coming to give back to a
community that many of them

don't live in, and some
of them probably

have never been in.

But we appreciate the fact that
they're here to give back

to this community.

And we're looking forward to
what they've done having an

impact on the people
in this city.

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