Supporters of Princeton wrestling successfully conclude campaign to raise endowment funds

Jan. 24, 2005 5:15 p.m.

The Friends of Princeton Wrestling -- an association of alumni, parents and other supporters of Princeton wrestling -- has successfully concluded a campaign to establish an endowment of more than $3 million for Princeton's varsity wrestling program, the University announced today.

The achievement comes just as the program is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. "Many dedicated and loyal alumni, parents and friends worked together to achieve this goal," said Princeton's Athletics Director Gary Walters, "and as a result of their leadership and their commitment, student-athletes will benefit far into the future."

Most unusual was the contribution of the renowned artist Frank Stella, a member of the class of 1958. He designed a silk scarf that alumni and friends could purchase, with the proceeds going to the wrestling endowment.

Reflecting on the effort that went into raising the endowment funds, Bill Fortenbaugh '58, the current chair of the friends group said, "Had a single donor given the entire sum, we would have saved much time and energy, but the result would not have been as satisfying. Working with many supporters of Princeton wrestling and seeing the large number of alumni and friends who contributed told me that wrestling has broad support. People care, and that is not only nice to know but also important for the future of the sport."

On Feb. 11-12, Friends of Princeton Wrestling will celebrate not only their fund-raising achievement but also the centennial of their program. A series of events is planned, including wrestling meets with Rutgers and Franklin and Marshall and a gala dinner on the main floor of Dillon Gymnasium.