Society awards Gunn its highest honor

The American Astronomical Society has awarded its highest honor, the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, to Princeton astrophysicist James Gunn for "a lifetime of eminence in astronomical research."

The society cited Gunn for his "contributions to observational, instrumental and theoretical astrophysics that have informed our understanding of the universe and a large fraction of its contents." Among specific contributions, the society noted Gunn's founding concept for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the most comprehensive mapping and cataloging of stars, galaxies and quasars ever undertaken.

Recipients of the honor are invited to give a lecture dealing with a broad astronomical field at a meeting designated by the governing council of the astronomical society. Expenses and arrangements for publication of the lecture are covered by the society. Gunn, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy, joined the Princeton faculty in 1968.