Networks of Princeton alumni span the globe

Aug. 25, 2005 3:06 p.m.
Nina Henning

Nina Henning, a 1996 Princeton graduate, is among the approximately 5,880 Princeton alumni living abroad. She settled in Katmandu, Nepal, in 2002 after completing a one-year fellowship arranged by Princeton-in-Asia at Wild Earth. She is now managing director of Wild Earth, an exporter of Himalayan herbal products that was founded by 1985 Princeton alumna Carroll Dunham. Henning is pictured with boys from an orphanage where she volunteers. She also volunteers for Princeton, interviewing students from Nepal who are interested in attending the University.

Photo courtesy of Nina Henning

With the Princeton student body taking on an increasingly international flavor over the years, networks of Princeton alumni around the globe have expanded significantly. According to the Office of the Alumni Association:

  • About 5,880 Princeton alumni -- both expatriates and non-U.S. citizens -- currently live outside the United States.  
  • A total of 44 clubs and associations -- ranging in size from four alumni in Katmandu, Nepal, to 1,095 alumni in Canada -- now sponsor a variety of activities, from welcome receptions for incoming freshmen to cultural events for alumni and parents, from career networking, community service and young alumni activities to summer work programs for current students.
  • In 1993, the Alumni Schools Committee, under the guidance of Henry Von Kohorn, a 1966 alumnus, began recruiting international ASC chairs. Seventy countries now have ASC chairs, and alumni are engaged in volunteer interviewing of prospective students in many more countries.
  • In 2002, the University's youngest regional association, the Princeton Club of Shanghai, came into existence. It followed closely on the heels of the reactivated Princeton Club of Beijing, recognized as the Alumni Association's first ''virtual community.''
  • Some of the oldest international regional associations, which are roughly a century old, include the Princeton Club of Korea, the Princeton Alumni Association of China and the Princeton Club of Great Britain.

More information about Princeton's regional alumni associations is available online.