Triangle presents 'Heist Almighty,' Nov. 10-11

Triangle Show

Triangle Club's fall show, "Heist Almighty," centers on the theft of the Mona Lisa and features an assortment of oddball characters, including the musical comedy troupe's signature all-male kickline. The show will be performed Friday and Saturday, Nov. 10-11, at McCarter Theatre.

At left:
A scheming group of Girl Scouts is part of the cast in Triangle Club's 116th annual production.

Photos by Wes Shim

The Princeton Triangle Club, the nation's oldest college musical-comedy troupe, will present its fall show, "Heist Almighty," at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 10-11, at McCarter Theatre.

Singing paintings, dancing ninjas, a team of Girl Scouts and Triangle's signature kickline will be among the cast of characters in the troupe's 116th annual production.

In "Heist Almighty," an evil museum curator steals the Mona Lisa and frames a hapless thief, who persuades his grifter brother to come out of retirement to clear his name. The brothers try to outwit the curator and a detective on their trail.

Following the performances at McCarter, Triangle will take "Heist Almighty" on tour to New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Va., in December.

Triangle Show

Tickets are free with Passport to the Arts passes, $7.50 for students and $20 to $25 for general admission. They are available on the McCarter website or at the theater's box office, (609) 258-ARTS, as well as at the Frist Campus Center ticket office.

In addition to its fall show, Triangle also performs an annual "Freshman Week" show in September, featuring some of its classic material, and an annual spring performance titled "Rude Olympics," showcasing its newest writing talent at the Frist Campus Center theater. Although theatre professionals direct the fall show, Triangle shows are completely conceived, written, produced and performed by Princeton undergraduates.