Video feature: 'Engineering After Princeton: Catherine Toppin'

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Engineering alumnus Michael Wood produced a video profile of alumna Catherine Toppin (above), a patent attorney in Boston. "Princeton's like a big family to me," Toppin says in the video.

Video stills courtesy of Michael Wood

In this video profile of Catherine Toppin, she discusses how her Princeton engineering education helped prepare her for a flourishing career as a patent attorney.

Toppin says her undergraduate studies taught her analytical skills that have given her an edge both during law school and in her current field. The problem-solving mindset she learned at Princeton is useful in a broad range of career paths, she adds.

Toppin is an associate in the intellectual property group of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP in Boston. She earned her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Princeton in 2002 and her law degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Law in 2006.

Toppin continues to work hard in her field and volunteers both in her community and for Princeton in order to help pave the way for others. "I feel as though my contribution is going to be extremely vital in the success of other people," Toppin says.

Toppin is the president of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni and is a member of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations National Board and of the Princeton University Alumni Association Executive Committee. Read more about Toppin.