Video feature: 'Welcome to Princeton's residential colleges'

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Princeton’s six residential colleges are the heart of the University's closely knit residential community. The colleges offer academic support, social and other extracurricular activities, and opportunities to enjoy the company of other students in dining halls such as Wilson College's Wilcox Hall (above) -- all intended to enhance the Princeton undergraduate experience.

Video stills by Evelyn Tu and Nick Barberio

One of Princeton’s most distinctive characteristics is its closely knit residential community, which is organized around six residential colleges. Each college is headed by a faculty master who works with his or her staff to build supportive communities and to devise programs and activities to extend education beyond the classroom.

This video introduction takes a tour through each of the six dining halls, where students, college masters and staff members describe the importance of life in Princeton's residential colleges. In addition to stopping by the dining halls during regular meals, the video features special events such as Vegetarian Night at Forbes College and some of the Master Chef dinners.

All freshmen and sophomores live in the colleges, along with some juniors and seniors, and graduate students. The residential experience is central to Princeton’s educational program, as some courses and much academic advising are based in the residential colleges. The colleges also offer an array of social activities and other extracurricular programs that enhance the undergraduate experience and provide students with opportunities for personal growth.

On-campus housing is guaranteed for all four years, and nearly all undergraduates live on campus. As students progress in their time at Princeton, they may choose from various options for living and dining.