Video feature: Class of 2011 offers advice for incoming Class of 2015

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Brian Stephan, who graduated in May with the Class of 2011, was one of many students who had advice for the Class of 2015. "Take the challenging courses," he said. "You miss too much if you take the easy route here."

Video stills by Ian Cahir

"Do something new;" "Ask questions of your teachers and your classmates;" and "Start your thesis early." These were just some of the words of wisdom members of the Class of 2011 left for the Class of 2015 in a video tribute, just before the graduating seniors' Commencement in May.

The advice for the new freshmen, who embark on their first full week of classes this week, ranged from the witty to the serious. Some graduates offered the freshmen simple tips for getting the most out of Princeton -- advice related to office hours and extracurricular activities topped the list for many -- while other departing graduates turned wistful, thinking back over their time at Old Nassau.

The Class of 2015 should get involved, attend as many events as possible, and remember each one of them forever, advised the departing seniors.

In the end, as the Class of 2011 prepared to walk through FitzRandolph Gate as Princeton graduates on May 31, many of them offered a clear piece of advice for the new class at the start of their journey.

"Take your time … and enjoy every moment."