2012 Latin Salutatory Oration

2012 Latin Salutatory Oration
Elizabeth Butterworth
(English translation from text delivered in Latin)

Given in the Academic Assembly of Princeton
In New Jersey on the 5th of June
In the Year 2012
In the 265th Academic Year

To whom do I dedicate my pleasant new little speech? To you, my friends. Four years ago we sat in our first precepts, and with great fear we listened in silence to the speeches of older classmates, which we were not able to comprehend. But through these four years we have learned much. Now sitting together for the last time you again listen to a classmate's speech, which you cannot comprehend. Let us show with our applause that we have learned the foremost lesson of the precept, to respond to such speeches not with fear and silence, but with pretended comprehension!

But, to come to serious matters, I dedicate my charming new little speech first to you, President Tilghman, wisest and most learned leader of this glorious academy. And to you, honored trustees, who guide our common ventures along the straightest course. And to you, most learned professors, for, to speak in the words of the poet of Verona, you were accustomed to think that my trifles were something. And to you, our parents, for you were accustomed to think that our trifles were worth a great price. And to you, Princeton, best alma mater in the world! Here in your embrace we cultivated virtue, knowledge and friendship. Now and perpetually we will honor you with the greatest cheers!

Be well, my friends. Today we come to a sad parting, but not to the end of our friendships. Daily I will see your images on Facebook! And we will come together again and again at Reunions, so that we may rejoice in Bacchus bringing sweet memories.

But now time flies. I must cease, lest you begin to snore. Farewell.