2018 Latin Salutatory Oration, English translation

2018 Latin Salutatory Oration, English translation

Katherine Lim

(English translation from text delivered in Latin)

Given in the Academic Assembly of Princeton

In New Jersey

On the 5th of June

In the Year 2018

In the 271st Year

Grant me, muses, the fortitude to sing of the battles and victories of our great class which has roamed this campus for the past four years.

First I salute you President Eisgruber, leader of this great institution where we have flourished. Under your leadership and that of the trustees, the University prospers.

Next I salute you, honorable professors, guides on our perilous journey through academic challenges. From East Pyne to the EQuad, you all have shared your wisdom to cultivate our curious minds.

Now I salute you, parents and families, patrons of our scholastic endeavors. If not for your love, we would not have reached the heights we did. You paid a great price to send us here, and today, see what we have achieved.

Finally, I greet you, my fellow scholars, companions through early morning classes and sleepless nights. Together, we have done battle with many papers and problem sets, but look! We have conquered them all!

Now, from our home that has nurtured us let us embark on adventures into unknown lands beyond this great institution. May you find success wherever your journey takes you! But first, let us celebrate our victories of these past four years.

To this celebration of our accomplishments, welcome all!


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