2016 Latin Salutatory Oration, English translation

2016 Latin Salutatory Oration, English translation

Esther Kim

(English translation from text delivered in Latin)

Given in the Academic Assembly of Princeton

In New Jersey

On the 31st of May

In the Year 2016

In the 269th Academic Year

I sing of a university and its students, who

Traveled from every land to New Jersey, to

Frist and to the Street …

You do not understand these verses, but what is new? We have spent four years in this way, perpetually amazed by the speeches of our professors and classmates. Fighting our way through many a precept, we finally arrive at our last rites. How time flies (tempus fugit)! Now, in the words of Elle Woods, I say, "Congratulations, Class of 2016 — we did it!"

Let the ceremony begin — the sooner we commence, the sooner our triumphal procession can cross the gate through which we (irrationally) dared not pass. First I salute you, President Eisgruber, commander of this glorious university. You have led us through many battles to victory. Next, I bid welcome to our honorable trustees. To you as well, wise teachers who have trained us without giving us respite. You have equipped us to conquer new territories. And to you, dear mothers and fathers, we bring thanks. You paid a great price (in every sense) so that we might reach this moment.

And now, I salute you, my beloved classmates. We have shared many experiences — suffering wounds caused by meningitis vaccines, surviving floods and blizzards, fighting (and often losing) battles with our schoolwork, etc. To the stars through difficulties. Though we must part for the time being, let us shed no tears. Soon we shall meet again, and our reunion (and the sweet nectar provided there) will bring to mind memories of these golden days.

I leave you with this: Seize the day — and the years to come! Thousands of blessings upon you. Carthage must be destroyed. Farewell.