Video feature: 'Princeton in the Details: A Campus Quiz'

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Princeton University's 500-acre grounds are home to a variety of beautiful structures and works of art. The details of the structure shown here, from the materials to the engineering, not only provide a clue to the identity of the building but also display an appealing visual.

Photos by Neil Mills

Every day at Princeton University, thousands of people from every facet of campus life go about their day amidst the bustle of numerous academic and social activities. While walking the University's paths provides a wide range of visual stimuli to soak up on campus — from the range of individuals to the park-like landscaping, and from the historical and modern architectural details, to the various sculptures that can be found on the 500-acre grounds — it is easy to overlook the smaller features and details that add up to the campus's beauty as a whole.

In this video, Princetonians who often walk across campus can assess how much of this Princeton detail they have retained, while future visitors can get a preview of what awaits them.