Video feature: 'The Princeton Highsteppers'

Jan. 6, 2014 noon
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Each week the Princeton Highsteppers brings together a group of students with diverse dance backgrounds to perform step. Sophomores Morgan Celistan (left) and Teri Tillman talk about auditioning together the fall of their freshman year.

Video stills from Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

The Princeton Highsteppers is a student-run group that meets weekly to rehearse and perform step, a dance form that incorporates stomping, clapping and vocalization with an overall rhythmic element. 

As this video shows, the dancers are an eclectic bunch representing various nationalities, ethnicities and dance backgrounds. The group was formed in 2003.

Their performances have gained them exposure and recognition not only in the Princeton area but also on national television, where they have been featured on "The Today Show." Along with performing, they also host an annual step competition, called Hit 'Em With the Beats, with other colleges.