Video feature: diSiac dance 'family' performs at Richardson

diSiac Folasade Runcie

diSiac Dance Company, a Princeton University student group, incorporates a variety of styles into its performances. Above, Folasade Runcie, of the Class of 2018, says being part of the group played a major, positive role in her first year at the University. 

Video still from Danielle Alio and Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

diSiac Dance Company, a Princeton University student group, showcases a variety of dance styles, from hip-hop to contemporary. This spring, as the group prepared for its show "Novum," students worked with the staff of Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall as part of the venue's new Student Artist in Residence program.

diSiac, established in 1998, welcomes dancers with a variety of backgrounds — from various dance styles to different levels of experience, and from all corners of campus.

"It's a company and a family at the same time," said Kalea Power of the Class of 2017.

The Student Artist in Residence program, established in fall 2014, allows students to develop their show in Richardson Auditorium over a semester and to work with professional staff on lighting, sound design, communications and front-of-house support. The staff hopes the program will encourage more student groups to use the 850-seat auditorium, which also is used regularly for University convocations and musical performances.

"The staff had a lot of fun working with the students," said Kathleen Coughlin, assistant director of performing arts services at Richardson.

For diSiac, the staff brought in a lighting designer to tailor the show to the students' needs and rented equipment such as LED and moving lights "to do stuff that's more exciting than what we've done in Richardson in the past," Coughlin said.

"It was fun to see diSiac using the theater, using the marble steps at the back of Richardson, using the entire theater, spreading out, coming out into the audience during their show," Coughlin said. "I look forward to seeing students use Richardson in new ways, in innovative ways, for their shows."

Princeton University students in the diSiac Dance Company discuss the group's blend of dance styles, sense of community and participation in a new Student Artist in Residence program at Richardson Auditorium. (Video by Danielle Alio and Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications)