Video feature: 'Princeton at Night'

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When the sun sets on Princeton University's campus, its iconic structures take on a new look. For instance, stars shine above Richard Serra's steel sculpture, "The Hedgehog and the Fox," near Princeton Stadium.

Photos by Neil Mills, Office of Communications

Princeton University is brimming with activity throughout the day, and the campus glows and moves in different ways after the sun goes down.

This sentiment is captured within the photographs taken throughout the year, some of which are presented in this slideshow. Busy Princeton students nestle in a variety of study locations, take advantage of study break activities, and move to and from campus events, athletic practices and social gatherings.

Iconic sculptures, such as Richard Serra's "The Hedgehog and the Fox," with graceful curves of rusted steel, and the painted black steel of Alexander Calder's "Five Disks: One Empty" are juxtaposed with a starry New Jersey sky. Surrounding the students and sculptures, a mixture of Gothic and modern architecture serves as a backdrop for all of the Princeton nighttime activity.