Princeton strategic plan on target for framework release in early 2016

Nov. 24, 2015, 10 a.m.

The strategic planning process at Princeton University is on schedule to publish in early 2016 a framework plan to guide University priority-setting and decision-making, President Christopher L. Eisgruber told the Council of the Princeton University Community on Monday, Nov. 23.

Several committees and task forces have been working on strategic issues since Eisgruber announced the effort in January 2014. A few committee and task force reports have already been posted to the strategic planning website, including the Service and Civic Engagement Self-Study earlier this month. The website includes forms for comment.

"We expect more reports to be published in the weeks ahead," Eisgruber said, noting that the administration will reply to each of the reports after taking public comment on them for a few weeks. "These reports are part of an ongoing conversation," he said.

Some recommendations may be implemented right away, while others will require revision, further study or other approvals. Some will depend on fundraising, and some may not be implemented. Eisgruber said one goal of the process was to encourage more recommendations than can be implemented so that the tradeoffs involved in making decisions are fully appreciated.

Eisgruber said the strategic planning document will be relatively brief at about 25 pages, enumerating guiding principles revisable to adapt to evolving needs and challenges.

When it is completed the framework document will be posted on the strategic planning website, along with the committee and task force reports. A shortcut link to the site is available in the Website Highlights section of the University homepage.