Employee retirements: June 2016

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements.

Effective May 1: in Campus Dining, department office support staff fellow Audrey Kilbride, after 35 years.

Effective June 1: in administrative information services in the Office of Information Technology, senior developer/analyst II Vytautas Abraitis, after 33 years; in building services, janitor Brian Lanzi, after 15 years; in the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, engineering associate I Edmond McBride, after 46 years.

Effective July 1: in operations and planning in the Office of Information Technology, senior manager for finance Shane Farrell, after 28 years; in public safety, shift assistant supervisor James Glasson Sr., after 28 years; in athletics, men's and women's diving head coach Gregory Gunn, after 29 years; in art and archaeology, research scholar Adelaide Hagens, after 50 years; in engineering and applied science, building manager Robert Kennedy, after 44 years; in the deputy university librarian's office, coordinator, Stokes Library operations and special collections Hattie Lively, after 37 years; in the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, department office support and project administrator Patricia Zimmer, after 36 years.

Effective September 1: in athletics, women's track and field head coach Peter Farrell, after 39 years; in athletics, men's and women's fencing assistant coach Hristo Hristov, after 10 years.