Lucy Wang at the podium

2021 Commencement Salutatio by Lucy Wang (English and Latin)

Lucy Wang, the Class of 2021 salutatorian and a chemistry concentrator from Marietta, Georgia, delivers her remarks in Latin. The gold stole she wears represents the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) affinity group.

Lucy Wang, a chemistry concentrator from Marietta, Georgia, delivered the salutatory address.

The address is the University’s oldest student honor and is traditionally given in Latin. In the days when the entire Commencement ceremony was conducted in Latin, the salutatio was a formal, serious address. It has evolved to become a farewell to Princeton campus life with humorous tributes and recollections.

Latin text:

Habita in Comitiis Semi-Aetheriis Academicis Princetoniae In Nova Caesarea ante diem XVII Kal. Iun.
Anno Academiae CCLXXIV

Crura tendite, nam ultimus actus ordinis MMXXI in scaenam Princetoniensem venit. Hac die felicissima, convenimus ut victorias huius ordinis magnae celebremus.

Carissimi sodales, quamquam ab his sedibus vere proximo discessimus et terris iactati sumus et alto, quam procul venerimus aspicite! Quam numen Somni alitis vitavimus et longis noctibus Dianam obliquo currum tramite agentem conspeximus! Forti cum pectore pavores Zoomi congelati harenasque torrentes dierum dissertationibus praestitutarum passi sumus. Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit. Diu exspectavimus hanc diem, oras dulcissimas visu. Mei amici, sidera micantia semper itinera vestra dirigant!

Atque vobis spectatoribus, salutem plurimam dico. Praesidi Eisgrubero, magistro intrepido nostri gregis. Curatoribus, topiariis huius institutionis magnae, sub cuius ramis frondeis floruimus. Sagacissimis professoribus, quorum sapientia nos in tramites claros obscurosque direxit. Felices qui potuerunt rerum cognoscere causas! Et parentibus nostris cognatisque, qui nos ab aestatibus primis usque ad ver iuventutis nostrae aluerunt, gratias vere maximas vobis agimus. In visu sedium carissimarum Princetoniae, vos securos advenisse gaudeo et omnes salvere iubeo!

Tametsi haec fabula exitura est, etiam plures prologos opperiuntur. Ab Iano benedicti, hac die gaudeamus, vera bonaque sequamur, et in litora nova cum comitibus dilectissimis pergamus. Ventus sit semper secundus qui vela vestra impleat nec non tepor qui panem vestrum permanet!

English translation: 

Given in the Semi-Virtual Academic Assembly of Princeton University In New Jersey on the 16th of May
In the year 2021
In the 274th Year of the University

Stretch your legs, for the final act of the Class of 2021 has come onto the Princeton stage. On this most auspicious day, we have convened to celebrate the triumphs of this great class.

To my cherished companions, although we departed these halls last spring, and we were tossed through the lands and seas, look at how far we have come! How we have evaded the providence of winged Somnus, and how, in the long nights, we have witnessed Diana driving her chariot in a curved path! With courage in our hearts, we have faced the terrors of frozen Zoom and traversed the scorching sands of thesis deadlines. Perhaps one day, even these experiences will be a pleasure to remember. Long have we awaited this day, shores dear to behold. My friends, may the glittering stars always guide your journeys!

And to you spectators, I wish you splendid health! To President Eisgruber, the fearless leader of our troupe. To the Trustees, the caretakers of this great institution under whose leafy boughs we have flourished. To our most learned professors, whose wisdom has guided us down paths both clear and obscure. Fortunate are they, who have been able to know the causes of things! And to our parents and relatives, who have nourished us from our earliest summers to the spring of our youth, we give the greatest thanks to you. In view of the cherished halls of Princeton, I rejoice in your safe arrival and welcome all!

Although this play is nearing the end, many more await their prologues. Blessed by Janus, let us celebrate this day, pursue the true and the good, and go forth onto these unknown shores with our dearest companions. Let there always be a favorable wind to fill your sails and a warmth to fill your bread!