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Postdoctoral scholars at Princeton to receive minimum annual salary of $65,000

Postdoctoral scholars at Princeton will receive a minimum full-time salary of $65,000 per year, beginning March 1.

The new minimum salary, which represents a nearly 20% increase over a federally required minimum, applies to all current and future employees hired in the University’s postdoctoral ranks.

“Establishing this new minimum salary recognizes the vital role that postdocs play in our campus community as researchers, in advancing faculty scholarship, and in contributing to Princeton’s academic mission,” said Dean of the Faculty Gene Jarrett. “The new minimum salary will make us even more competitive in recruiting excellent and diverse postdoctoral researchers to Princeton.”

Princeton currently employs more than 700 postdoctoral scholars. Postdocs hold doctoral degrees, and they work under the mentorship of faculty and researchers — often as part of a larger research group — as they develop their professional and academic skills.

The salaries of all eligible postdocs earning less than $65,000 will be elevated to the new minimum level, which will serve as the floor for all future postdocs hired at the University. These include postdoctoral research associates, postdoctoral research fellows and postgraduate research associates.