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Monday, April 24, 2017

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Video: Student work: 'It Gets Better'

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Jack Thornton '13 and fellow Princeton students created this video contribution for the "It Gets Better" video campaign to inspire hope for young LGBT people facing harassment. See the full video.

Video Closed Captions


I spent a lot of time thinking that things would not get better.

I felt very weird, I felt very out of place.

It could've been me killing myself when I was 13.

I know what it feels like to be in an environment

that feels oppressive. Throughout middle school I always felt different

and not normal. I was unable to come out in my time as an

undergraduate. High school is a place where so many people

feel isolated. That's why I ran from you, I was running from myself.


You can get to a place where you love yourself, where you feel good about who you are.

Things will get better with every year.

It's getting better every day.

Because it does get better.

Walk purposefully to a place -- THE place -- where it will get better, for you.

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