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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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'Weapons of Mass Construction'

The 2012-13 academic year marked the fifth year of the Weapons of Mass Construction community service initiative spearheaded by the Princeton Varsity Club. Princeton student-athletes took on two projects — helping to build a community garden and restoring storm-damaged properties. Read more.

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>> Princeton Athletic Community
seems to be tight

and it's just getting tighter
doing events like this.

And then we really get to give back
together, which is an awesome experience.

>> The PVC, we're like an organization that
brings together all the athletic teams on campus

in order to like use what we're learning
through education through athletics.

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>> You know, working with a team,
taking directions, being accountable

and not just standing around doing nothing,

but always be doing something,
you know, never be idle.

It's just like when you're in
the weight room or, you know,

taking teammates down for practice.

It's accountability.


>> Our school, we have such, like, great
athletic success in all different types

of sports and it's a great way
for all of us to come together.

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>> The vision for this garden is a space for
the community that's safe, that's beautiful,

that has greenery, has art, to serve as a
sense of inspiration to this struggling area.

>> The idea behind this entire community garden
anchored by the Gandhi portrait is a whole idea

of be the change you wish to see in the world.

>> There have been tires that had
been weekly dumped and so we were sort

of just showing whoever had
dumped them that hey,

we're going to use it to
make something positive.

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>> You see your teammate's everyday at
practice, but it's kind of nice just

to have us all be transplanted in
doing something different together.

>> Very important to get out of the
Princeton bubble for multiple reasons.

One is just to get some air
every now and then and also just

to give back a little back and
be visible in the community.

>> Being from New Jersey myself, you know, when
that hurricane hit, it was really devastating

for me personally and coming
out today was really important

to be able to share my time and help.

>> I mean I always thought my first trip
ever would be, like, a fun vacation.

Being here and then seeing
it on TV is pretty shocking.

Just seeing all the houses and there
are some that are completely wrecked.

>> I think the most fulfilling
part of this service activity,

is that we get to see the actual
person like we're helping.

We get to put a face to that
person that we're benefiting

and that just makes it a lot more
rewarding experience in my eyes.

>> If people bring up Sandy 10
years from now, I can think, like,

oh I did something to help,
even if it was small.

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>> I think for me, the most meaningful and
impactful experience has been just like getting

out in the community and helping people and
being a part of something greater than myself.

>> It really showed that Princeton students
do want to give back to the community.

>> People who don't just do the bare
minimum, they really go the extra mile,

they put it on the line for their
school and that's important to me.

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>> With the academics and athletics and playing
varsity soccer, we often don't get to branch out

and work with a lot of the other teams,
so this is the perfect opportunity for us

to make some new friends and
work together for a good cause.

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