Stein awarded Bergman Prize

Feb. 23, 2005 4:46 p.m.

The American Mathematical Society has awarded its 2005 Stefan Bergman Prize to Princeton mathematician Elias Stein.

The award recognizes Stein for "decisive contributions through his research, his expository efforts and his training of graduate students." In particular, the society noted Stein's work in the area of mathematics including "real, complex and harmonic analysis." The honor includes a prize of about $17,000.

Known as an exceptional writer and teacher as well as a leading researcher, Stein previously won the Wolf Prize, which is one of the highest awards in mathematics, as well as the National Medal of Science and the American Mathematical Society's Steele Prize for Exposition and Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement. In 2001, the University awarded Stein its President's Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Stein was born in Belgium and received his bachelor's and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago, where he taught until coming to Princeton's mathematics department in 1963.