Photo contest: 'How I spent my summer vacation'

Sept. 28, 2010, 4:37 p.m.
Photo Contest Samuel Lazerwitz

Princeton undergraduate and graduate students responded to a call for photos about "How I spent my summer vacation" with images that were intended to be inspiring, deep, artistic, illustrative or just plain funny images. This photo from freshman Samuel Lazerwitz captures a moment of his summer spent "chilling with my dog Brisbane."


Six winning entries were selected to be featured on the University website, submitted by:

• Sophomore Gray Holubar
• Freshman Arjun Jain
• Freshman Samuel Lazerwitz
• Graduate student Matthew Milliner
• Sophomore Sofia Quinodoz
• Graduate student Arman Suleimenov

As Princeton students returned to campus for the fall, the University sponsored a photo contest on Facebook asking for inspiring, deep, artistic, illustrative or just plain funny images to commemorate the summer.

The contest was open to undergraduate students from the classes of 2010 through 2014 and graduate students. Some entries reflect the many opportunities available to Princeton students to travel and study overseas, and to engage in intensive research projects in their fields. Other entries depict students' summer jobs and activities during their time away from the Princeton campus -- even just spending quality time with pets.

Photo Contest Matthew Milliner

Matthew Milliner, a graduate student in the Department of Art and Archaeology, was part of a group of graduate and undergraduate students, sponsored by the Program in Hellenic Studies, who spent two weeks studying at the Mount Menoikeion convent in northern Greece. In this photo, visitors to the convent are greeted by a rainbow.


Photo Contest Arman Suleimenov

Arman Suleimenov, a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science, uses his trusty Japanese phrasebook to order sushi in Tokyo.


Photo Contest Holubar

Sophomore Gray Holubar, who spent the summer as a camp counselor, enjoys a visit from two butterflies.


Photo Contest Arjun Jain

Freshman Arjun Jain encounters a mountain gorilla while hiking in Rwanda over the summer.


Photo Contest Sofia Quinodoz

With the Office of Religious Life, sophomore Sofia Quinodoz traveled to Nicaragua and Honduras for two weeks at the end of the summer, learning about the religious, social and political situations in both countries. This photo depicts a quiet moment in Zacate Grande, Honduras, where community members are engaged in a land dispute with a wealthy landowner.