Princeton at twilight

Dec. 27, 2010 noon
Twilight Index

"Princeton University's campus is one of its most precious assets," according to President Shirley M. Tilghman. This is made evident when the architectural style -- from old to new -- on Princeton's campus is showcased in a different way as twilight hits its buildings. An example of the new architecture is seen here with the exterior of the Lewis Library. Designed by Frank Gehry and opened in 2008, the structure is composed of stainless steel, steel, clay brick, glass and stucco.

Photo by Mahlon Lovett

Twilight Cleveland Tower

The Graduate College's Cleveland Tower, highlighted here at sunset, was built as a national memorial to U.S. President Grover Cleveland, who had retired to Princeton and served on the University's Board of Trustees after his second term in office.

Photo by John Jameson

In the subdued light just after sunset, Princeton's campus takes on a new look. Familiar buildings cast unusual shadows, and glowing lights provide distinctive beacons.

The campus has evolved over the years, with innovative architecture rising to complement the historic buildings, while at the same time Princeton's landscapes and natural resources have been sustained. The University is recognized around the world for its impressive, eclectic mix of architecture and beautiful gardens, greens and natural areas. This architectural blend of the old and new is highlighted in a different way when twilight falls.

Twilight West College

The moon helps illuminate West College, built in 1836 as Princeton's second dormitory. The structure now houses administrative offices. (Photo by John Jameson)


Twilight Sherrerd Hall

Sherrerd Hall uses subtle architectural details to blend in with neighboring campus buildings. The architects used light as a central theme throughout the building. In twilight, their vision comes to life through reflections and transparency. (Photo by Brian Wilson)


Twilight Richardson Window

A tree is reflected in the window in the lobby of Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall. (Photo by Mahlon Lovett)


Twilight Nassau Hall

The centerpiece of the Princeton campus, Nassau Hall is both a University and national landmark. (Photo by Nick Barberio)


Twilight Home Page 575

Twilight illuminates the path across "Alexander Beach" -- from Alexander Hall to West College. (Photo by John Jameson)


Twilight Blair Arch

Part of Rockefeller College, one of the University’s six residential colleges, Blair Tower is silhouetted against the late afternoon setting sun. (Photo by John Jameson)