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In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Princeton students celebrated George Washington's birthday with music, athletic competition, parades and an oratorical contest for a cash prize, usually sponsored by the Nassau Literary Magazine. Blog:Washington's Birthday at Princeton

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Princeton's Mudd Manuscript Library primarily contains the University Archives, documenting University life, administration and research, and the Public Policy Papers collection, containing rare and unique items from 20th-century American governance.

Library staff highlight new collections, exhibitions and items of general interest on the Mudd Manuscript Library Blog. Highlights from recent blogs appear below.

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Nine separate collections in the Public Policy Papers contain records concerning Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights and organizing activities. Further collections in the University Archives contain images and documents from his visits to campus, including this image of King on the steps of Chancellor Green in 1960 with Princeton staff and alumni. Blog: Martin Luther King Jr.'s visits to Princeton


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Among the exhibitions highlighted on the Mudd Manuscript Library Blog is a collection of images and accounts documenting the history of women at Princeton. Highlights range from materials documenting a class at the all-women Evelyn College in the late 1800s, shown above, to coeducation in 1969 and the inauguration of President Shirley M. Tilghman in 2001. The exhibition is on display through August. Blog: 'She Flourishes:' Chapters in the History of Princeton Women



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This letter of petition to members of the Class of 1894 went on to raise $431.65 for the installation of 140 bronze stars to honor students who died in World War I. View letter. Blog: Bronze Memorial Stars


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Not all items in the archive are paper. This bottle was smashed during the Dec. 14, 1940, launch ceremony for the U.S.S. Vulcan. The netting was affixed to contain the shattered glass. Blog: Ship's Bottle in the Archives


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In January 2010, Mudd Library acquired a student's lecture notebook for John Witherspoon's "Lectures on Moral Philosophy," offered in spring 1791. The notes give a glimpse into the teaching styles employed by the clergyman, Princeton president and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Blog: New Accessions: January through March 2010, Part II