Video feature: 'A Brief Drive Inside'

July 19, 2012, noon
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The Princeton campus is a park-like setting that invites exploration. McCosh Walk, which passes south of the dormitory Buyers Hall, provides a treelined view across the campus from University Place to Washington Road.

Video stills by Steve McDonald

Princeton University's inviting 500-acre main campus has been traversed by students, faculty, the community and visitors for more than 250 years. Since the college settled into its Princeton location in 1756, tremendous change has occurred on the campus. Initially housed in Nassau Hall, the University now includes more than 180 buildings, some currently being built. Even as the campus has grown and evolved, its distinctive character — interwoven with its history — continues to look toward the future. 

The most common methods for exploring the park-like campus include walking, bicycling, skateboarding, longboarding and riding on the TigerTransit bus service.

This video, "A Brief Drive Inside," captures more than 50 iconic and new locations in a mere three minutes, offering a driver's view of the Princeton campus observed most commonly by pedestrians from walkways where automobiles are not usually permitted.