'Diverse Perspectives' showcases Princeton's rich cultural environment

Defining Diversity index

"Diverse Perspectives," a new Princeton University publication, highlights the variety of individuals and interests that exist on campus, enriching the education undergraduate students receive during their four years here. Sophomore Salena Hess appreciates both the real-world applications and the community of women peers she found in her major, operations research and financial engineering.

Photo by David Kelly Crow for the Office of Communications


As high school students visit college campuses and research their top choices, they may wonder, "Will I fit in here?" At Princeton University, wherever you go on our campus, you will find others who share your values, heritage and interests, as well as those who don't. And just as important, when you don't, you will find people who are interested in what makes you tick and are open to hearing about your experiences.

In a new publication, "Experience Princeton: Diverse Perspectives," current students, faculty and administrators talk about the interests and perspectives they've brought to campus, and the ways in which they've learned from those who differ from them — in classrooms, residence halls, campus eateries, athletic fields and every other nook of the University. 

Junior Andres Parrado, who lived in Colombia before moving to Connecticut during high school, wrote in the publication about the range of people he meets, from international students to professors who eat with students in the dining halls.

"Princeton has all these people from different places," he wrote. "More than that, it has all these people who are willing to discuss any sort of issue at any time in any kind of detail … It encourages a constant process of new discoveries."

The Admission Office and the Office of Communications produced the publication. View it online, download the PDF, or contact the Admission Office by email or at 609-258-3060 to receive a printed copy.