See rare images of Woodrow Wilson and Princeton's campus in the 1910s

May 19, 2014 noon
Mudd Blog Princeton index visual

Photos courtesy of Princeton's Mudd Manuscript Library

Princeton's Mudd Manuscript Library primarily contains the University Archives, documenting the history of the University, and the Public Policy Papers collection, including rare and unique items from 20th-century American governance.

One recent acquisition of note is the photo album of the late Paul Keen, a minister and seminary instructor who earned a master's degree at Princeton in 1915 and a second master's degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary. The album features a number of photos from the early 20th century of Princeton University's campus, the surrounding town and the seminary. It also includes a dozen images of Woodrow Wilson — an 1879 Princeton alumnus, the University's president from 1902 to 1910, and U.S. president from 1913 to 1921 — from his presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., and a 1915 visit to campus.

The images below are part of a larger selection first featured on the Mudd Manuscript Library Blog, where library staff members highlight new collections, exhibitions and items of general interest.

Mudd Blog Princeton view from Graduate Tower

The 173-foot-tall Cleveland Tower at Princeton's Graduate College offers a view of the surrounding areas.


Mudd Blog Princeton Murray Dodge

A blanket of snow covers the campus grounds near Murray-Dodge Hall.


Mudd Blog Princeton skating on the lake

A game of hockey takes place on a frozen Lake Carnegie in the winter.


Mudd Blog Princeton Wilson arriving by train

A crowd gathers to greet Wilson as he returns to campus in 1915 to vote. At that time, the Dinky train line extended to near Blair Hall, which can be seen at rear.


Mudd Blog Princeton Wilson by the train

Wilson, second from left, is greeted beside the Dinky locomotive.