Video feature: 'The Seasons at Princeton'

Seasons at Princeton index trees

Through all four seasons, Princeton University's campus delights and inspires. Above, fall foliage transforms the landscape.

Photo by Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

Magnolias in spring. Prospect Garden's lush summer landscaping. The leaf-covered front lawn of Nassau Hall in fall. Snow covering the University Chapel.

"The Seasons at Princeton," below, is a collection of photos showing the Princeton University campus at various points throughout the year. Each photo represents a particular season and moment here at Princeton.

Park-like grounds surround academic buildings, dormitories, and other facilities on the New Jersey campus, which has been the University's home since 1756. Through all seasons and weather conditions, the landscape provides a beautiful natural environment in which students, faculty and staff — and some furry visitors — live, learn and work.

Sit back and enjoy a stroll down memory lane.

This collection of photos shows the Princeton University campus during each of the four seasons. (Video by Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications)