2015 Latin Salutatory Oration, English translation

2015 Latin Salutatory Oration

Neil Hannan

(English translastion from text delivered in Latin, as prepared)

Given in the Academic Assembly of Princeton

On the Second of June

In the Year 2015

In the 268th Academic Year

I praise you, illustrious ones,

Gladly, in Aeolic meters, with a brevity

Which is fitting not for your praises, 

But for the slight talent of the speaker.

Welcome my words, O President, under whose leadership,

With the trustees and their counsel,

The campus, this glory of the Dutch prince,

Brilliantly flourishes.

And I do not pass over in silence

The most honorable persons, you, O learned faculty,

Since you always taught us generously

And through your aid the ferocious thesis then was conquered.

Nor now do I pass over the parents (perish the thought!),

O you who provide silent assistance,

Nor you, my friends, with whom I am lucky

To finish and mark with "the end"

The years of youth. The flight of time 

Pertains to all. Let the poet sing 

Of the uncountable years triumphantly

Or warn us to prune long

Hopes. Thus let those learned in markets 

Report the continuous discounting of time, 

And thus let the physicists speak of its arrow,

Asymmetric in universal space.

For us about to depart, it is fitting to recall

The clubs echoing, "Turn down for what?"

The voices of singing loves,

The times past, the good companions.

As now we exchange this place for further ones,

Close these extraordinary times,

And begin our departure,

May you always be well.